Baleadas and a Foot-stomping Great Time at Pro Soccer Match

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I’m partial to NFL football and pro basketball but last night my wife, son and youngest daughter had a terrific treat viewing a pro soccer double-header in Miami courtesy of Sprint.  Whenever I watch a soccer match I always fear the infamous scoreless ties but there weren’t any of those last night.  In the midst of an electric, foot-stomping, flag-waving atmosphere Jamaica shut Guatemala out 2-0 and Honduras beat Granada by a whopping 7 goals to 1.

Honduras scores one of its 7 goals against Granada.

My wife and I love to participate in family firsts and fortunately there were several cool ones last night:

– My wife and my son Jonathan tasted their first ethnic food from Honduras, a Baleada (see accompany photo).  A baleada is a wheat flour tortilla, often quite thick, folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans.

– My son and daughter Briani attended their first professional soccer match.

– My wife and I attended our first soccer match together.  I actually hadn’t been to a soccer match of any kind since I viewed a league soccer match in Honduras in 1992.

We documented highlights from the match and the food we enjoyed with a brand new Samsung Replenish, the first Green Android phone from Samsung exclusively available through Sprint.


Honduras made it look super easy against Granada.

DISCLOSURE: Sprint provided my family and I with the tickets to this game and with the Samsung Replenish Android-powered phone that we used to document.  Some of these photos were taken with the Replenish.


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