Boy or a Girl? Today We’ll Find Out

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The moment of truth is upon us.

Today – moments from now really – is the big day we finally learn our baby’s sex.

Between my wife Angela and daughters Elena and Briani, I have tons of estrogen in the house so it sure would be awesome have a second boy to help balance things out.

My wife and Elena want a girl for different reasons. Angela thinks another girl would be more seemless for us to transition to because we have all of Briani’s clothes, the rooms would only need minor touch up and besides that, girls are like little dolls.

Elena wants to feel like the Boss Big Sister so for her she would enjoy having another one to show the ropes of Sisterhood. She’ll also enjoy dressing her up.

My son Jonathan, daughter Briani and I are rooting for a boy. Badly. My son and I are united by one major motive: we want another footballer in the house! We need some testosterone to help us control the wild banshees in the house. Yes, there’s a little too much drama in the PapiBlogger homefront so it would sure be sweet to get some more balance.

Briani says she wants an “hermanito” but given what I know about her when she gets jealous with Elena getting attention, Briani wants to remain our family’s youngest princess. My wife and I have a Briani Sister Plan if that comes to be.

Boy or girl, we’ll all be grateful to have a healthy Election Year baby. I tried to convince my wife to let the sex of the baby determine who would name him but she doesn’t want to do that. In just moments we’ll learn if it’s a boy or a girl and then we’ll commence looking for names.


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