6 Thoughts on the Passing of Andy Griffith

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1.  Where are today’s great TV dads?  I’m embarrassed to say that most of today’s TV dads are moral midgets compared to Andy Griffith, the legendary TV dad who passed away yesterday at 86.  The majority of today’s TV dads are either crude, morally passive, obnoxious, skirt-chasing, dumb or all of the above.  At the recent Dads 2.0 Summit  I attended a session where a group of dad bloggers struggled to name modern TV fathers that represented us in the dignified manner that Andy Griffith did.  We need more Andy Griffith dads.

2.  Andy Griffith was the best TV dad ever because he exemplified universal values that are enduring.   When I watch “The Andy Griffith Show” with my kids I love to know that I’m exposing my children safely to a father that will uphold the values of honesty, friendship, integrity, love and family.  Andy Griffith embodied ideals that ANYONE of any color, background or even religion could relate to.

3. Andy Griffith never struck me as a great actor.  That’s because Andy was so convincingly down to earth and folksy that one couldn’t imagine he was really acting.  Andy led you to believe he was the same onscreen and off.

4. I count it a great blessing that my children love and laugh to “The Andy Griffith Show”.   My two older children discovered “The Andy Griffith Show” two summers ago while on a road trip and now we’re all hooked.  Andy’s show is our official late night TV watching experience this summer.

5. “The Andy Griffith Show” proved that wholesome TV can succeed.  The secret to the show’s success was that Mayberry U.S.A. was populated with great characters and story lines.  No wonder the show spent eight season at the top of the ratings and when it signed off it left as the No. 1 rated show.

6. Thank God for Netflix.  Sure, you can catch “The Andy Griffith Show” on TV Land or online but for quality, instant gratification as well as full access to every single episode of the show, catch it on Netflix.

Godspeed to Andy Griffith, a remarkable actor with a legendary TV father we dads can proudly emulate!

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