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Video of PapiBlogger segment on Despierta America

Here’s today’s national TV segment from Despierta America about PapiBlogger.

REVIEW: Sprint Nextel’s HTC EVO 4G Smartphone is a Force to be Reckoned With Thumbnail

If you’re on the fence about which smartphone to buy, here’s a couple of things to consider about the Sprint Nextel HTC EVO 4G.

PapiBlogger announces Facebook Fan Page Contest ‘Guess How Many Photos We Took?’ Thumbnail

Early this week we revealed that the PapiMobile (aka Chevrolet Traverse) traveled 12,136 miles during the 46-day, 33-state PapiBlogger Family Road Trip. Now we have a bunch more prizes courtesy of McDonald’s, Sprint and Balloon Time for the top three PapiBlogger followers who can guess how many digital photographs we took during the entire road trip.

‘Best of PapiBlogger Family Road Trip’ Recaps Summer Journey’s Funnest Highlights Thumbnail

What happens when a Miami family of five spends 46 summer days, 12,000 miles and 33 states on the road driving through America together? They become geography experts and blog about their adventures on their parenting web site PapiBlogger.com.

PapiBlogger announces winners of the ‘Guess the Final Mileage Contest’…Did you guess right? Thumbnail

PapiBlogger, the first web site focused on creative parenting tips and the first Latino man to consistently blog about parenting, is proud to announce the winners of the PapiBlogger Facebook fan page “Guess the Final Miles” Contest sponsored by McDonald’s, Sprint Nextel, Chevrolet and Sony.

Epic 11,000 mile, 46-day, 33-state Family Road Trip Culminates Wednesday for PapiBlogger Family with Miami Celebration Thumbnail

After more than 11,000 miles, 33 states and 46 days, PapiBlogger’s epic family road trip will come to a rousing end with a celebration in Miami. “Our journey has been nothing less than astonishing,” said PapiBlogger Manny Ruiz. “Everywhere we’ve gone people ask ‘How did you do it with three kids?’ ‘What’s the favorite part of your trip?’ ‘What did you learn about America?’ We’re eager to share those stories and more with the world.”

PapiBlogger Greets NYC Fans and Visits King Tut as Part of Day 40 of Family Road Trip Thumbnail

On the 40th day of our family road trip, the PapiBlogger family met some of its New York fans at the second busiest McDonald’s in the world and went to the King Tut exhibit visiting the Big Apple.

PapiBlogger Goes to Broadway on Day 39 of Family Road Trip Thumbnail

On the 39th day of our family road trip, our family met with reporters for interviews about our trip and went to our first ever Broadway play “Mary Poppins.”

The Improvise, Adapt and Overcome Trick to a 40-Day Family Road Trip Thumbnail

In preparation for that trip into a far and unknown land, the organizing pastor told us that the most important thing we should do to mentally gear up for it was to remember the unofficial motto of the United States Marines: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

PapiBlogger’s 10,000-mile Epic Family Roadtrip Set for Father’s Day Launch Thumbnail

A Miami family of five is about to embark on what might be this century’s epic U.S. family road trip. Starting on Father’s Day, PapiBlogger.com founder and father of three Manny Ruiz, his wife Angela and their children Briani (1), Elena (6) and Jonathan (10) will embark on a 10,000-mile PapiBlogger Family Road Trip that will circle the four corners of the continental United States.