We’re headed on a Big Thanksgiving Family Road Trip thru St. Augustine, Savannah and Charleston – #HolidayDriving Thumbnail

You all know how much we love road trip so it shouldn’t surprise you that as busy as my wife and I are on planning everything for Hispanicize 2014, we’re always ready to take a […] Read more

Amazing End to 46-Day Road Trip Greets PapiBlogger Family in Miami! Thumbnail

On the 46 and final day of the PapiBlogger Family Road Trip, at exactly 9:09 p.m. ET our family finally drove into our driveway in the PapiMobile (aka Chevrolet Traverse) and we jumped for the great joy and surprises today brought us.

Day 45 of PapiBlogger Road Trip Explores Savannah’s Hollywood Ties and Answers Whether City Really is Ghost Infested Thumbnail

On the 45th day of the PapiBlogger Family Road Trip, we explored Savannah’s rich heritage in Hollywood films and ghost hauntings and we also tried to settle once and for all whether orbs really exist.

PapiBlogger Family Visits White House on Day 44 of Road Trip Thumbnail

On the 44th day of our road trip, the PapiBlogger family visited the White House before getting aboard the PapiMobile (aka Chevrolet Travers) for a long day of traveling to Savannah, Georgia, the last stop of our epic vacation.