Road Trip Diary: Discovering the Wonders of California’s Redwood National Forest Thumbnail

On the sixth and seventh days of our family road trip we traveled north from Sonoma to Crescent City, California in order to visit the Redwood National Forest. I had always assumed the Redwood National […] Read more

Day 44 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: At last back home in Miami! Thumbnail

We walked on glaciers, hung out with bears, planked with Elvis and even got the rare opportunity to open the Magic Kingdom with Mickey Mouse but on the 44th day of our family road trip […] Read more

Day 34 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Sedona’s Wonderful Red Rocks Thumbnail

Sedona, Arizona is one of our favorite places in the whole United States so on the 34th day of our family road trip we ventured to see some of the things that makes this place […] Read more

Day 33 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Our Most Bizarre Vacation Day Ever, Part 2 Thumbnail

Can our road trip get any stranger?  The 33rd day of our family road trip proved that when it comes to the PapiBlogger clan, the answer is a resounding yes. Genesis of Trouble We started […] Read more

Day 31 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: PapiMobile pitstops in San Diego for for work-related trip Thumbnail

El día 31 de nuestro viaje por carretera, me desvié a San Diego para asistir a una conferencia de blogueros, mientras mi esposa y mis hijos se quedaron en Disneyland Resort para disfrutar de un […] Read more

Day 24 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Our Most Bizarre Vacation Day Ever Thumbnail

On family road trips you have crazy days and then if you’re in our family you have indescribably bizarre days. The 24th day of our road trip was one for the ages and it all […] Read more

Day 9 of Family Road Trip from Miami to Alaska: Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak Thumbnail

On Day 9 of our family road trip the PapiMobile came to a virtual halt in Colorado as we paused from days of heavy driving and medical emergencies only to accidentally discover the majesty of […] Read more

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‘Best of PapiBlogger Family Road Trip’ Recaps Summer Journey’s Funnest Highlights Thumbnail

What happens when a Miami family of five spends 46 summer days, 12,000 miles and 33 states on the road driving through America together? They become geography experts and blog about their adventures on their parenting web site

Catch up with Papiblogger at two upcoming activities On June 20th, Manny Ruiz and his family left Miami for a 10,000-mile PapiBlogger Family Road Trip that will visit the four corners of the continental United […] Read more