PapiBlogger Family Road Trip

Road Trip Diary: A Family Weekend in Napa and Sonoma, CA Thumbnail

This is the fourth consecutive summer I’ve done a family road trip since launching PapiBlogger in May of 2010 but even before that Angela and I did big road trips with our kids through Texas […] Read more

REVIEW: Sprint Nextel’s HTC EVO 4G Smartphone is a Force to be Reckoned With Thumbnail

If you’re on the fence about which smartphone to buy, here’s a couple of things to consider about the Sprint Nextel HTC EVO 4G.

PapiBlogger announces Facebook Fan Page Contest ‘Guess How Many Photos We Took?’ Thumbnail

Early this week we revealed that the PapiMobile (aka Chevrolet Traverse) traveled 12,136 miles during the 46-day, 33-state PapiBlogger Family Road Trip. Now we have a bunch more prizes courtesy of McDonald’s, Sprint and Balloon Time for the top three PapiBlogger followers who can guess how many digital photographs we took during the entire road trip.

‘Best of PapiBlogger Family Road Trip’ Recaps Summer Journey’s Funnest Highlights Thumbnail

What happens when a Miami family of five spends 46 summer days, 12,000 miles and 33 states on the road driving through America together? They become geography experts and blog about their adventures on their parenting web site

[…] Read more

Epic 11,000 mile, 46-day, 33-state Family Road Trip Culminates Wednesday for PapiBlogger Family with Miami Celebration Thumbnail

After more than 11,000 miles, 33 states and 46 days, PapiBlogger’s epic family road trip will come to a rousing end with a celebration in Miami. “Our journey has been nothing less than astonishing,” said PapiBlogger Manny Ruiz. “Everywhere we’ve gone people ask ‘How did you do it with three kids?’ ‘What’s the favorite part of your trip?’ ‘What did you learn about America?’ We’re eager to share those stories and more with the world.”

On Day 34 of Road Trip PapiBlogger Hits Salem, Massachusetts for History of Witch Trials and Ghost Tour Thumbnail

On the 34th Day of the PapiBlogger Family Road Trip we pit stopped in the beautiful colonial town of Salem, Massachusetts where we got a first hand look at the history of the infamous Salem Witch Trials and also participated in a great ghost tour.

Some Fun and photos from yesterday’s wonderful PapiBlogger Send Off with Ronald McDonald’s Thumbnail

Highlights from Saturday’s major PapiBlogger Family Road Trip send off with Ronald McDonald’s at the McDonald’s in South Miami.