PapiBlogger’s Newest Adventure for 2012? A Brand New Baby! Thumbnail

When I was 11, my teenage cousin Tammy and I had a memorable conversation about the number of kids that we each planned to have.  Tammy and I didn’t have a clue about parenthood then […] Read more

Pampers Celebrates Influential South Florida Fathers with Luau Thumbnail

In all the craziness of Father’s Day Week last week I almost forgot to thank Pampers for honoring me as one of “South Florida’s Most Influential Dads”.  Pampers held a very classy, luau-style dinner for […] Read more

Pampers ‘Little Miracles’ Commercial Seems Made for Christmas Thumbnail

Every once in a while we feature cool family-friendly commercials in this space that catch our attention.  Even though it may not have been Pampers intention the name, subject and timing of this Spanish-language ad couldn’t be more appropriate given its focus on the miracle of birth and Christmas.