Miami Lakes Chevrolet

Amazing End to 46-Day Road Trip Greets PapiBlogger Family in Miami! Thumbnail

On the 46 and final day of the PapiBlogger Family Road Trip, at exactly 9:09 p.m. ET our family finally drove into our driveway in the PapiMobile (aka Chevrolet Traverse) and we jumped for the great joy and surprises today brought us.

Epic 11,000 mile, 46-day, 33-state Family Road Trip Culminates Wednesday for PapiBlogger Family with Miami Celebration Thumbnail

After more than 11,000 miles, 33 states and 46 days, PapiBlogger’s epic family road trip will come to a rousing end with a celebration in Miami. “Our journey has been nothing less than astonishing,” said PapiBlogger Manny Ruiz. “Everywhere we’ve gone people ask ‘How did you do it with three kids?’ ‘What’s the favorite part of your trip?’ ‘What did you learn about America?’ We’re eager to share those stories and more with the world.”