Disney Wonder

Day 21 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Back in the U.S.A. and on to Quirky Oregon Thumbnail

On the 21st day of our Miami to Alaska family road trip we disembarked the Disney Wonder cruise ship refreshed and recharged to commence the second and final half of our national road trip with […] Read more

Day 20 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Farewell, So Long, It’s Hard to Say Goodbye to the Disney Wonder Thumbnail

As we spend our final day aboard the Disney Wonder, it’s funny to note how many similarities there are between the classic TV show “The Love Boat” and our cruise experience.  Yes, I was a […] Read more

Day 19 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Lumberjack Adventures and Totem Poles in Ketchikan Thumbnail

On the 19th day of our family road trip across the U.S.A. our Disney Wonder cruise to Alaska made its last port of call in the tiny town of Ketchikan, Alaska, home to a national […] Read more

Day 18 of the Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Tripping with Bears in Juneau, Alaska Thumbnail

A day after our historic walk atop an Alaskan glacier our Disney Wonder cruise pit stopped in the surprisingly small state capital Juneau (population 31,262) where we disembarked for a special excursion aboard a nostalgic floatplane […] Read more

Day 17 of the Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Flying Over and Walking on Glaciers in Skagway Thumbnail

Majestic.  God-inspired awesome.  Breath-taking. Neither pictures nor words can fully describe the unfathomable beauty of what our family beheld in Skagway, Alaska during the 17th day of our epic journey from Miami to Alaska. A […] Read more

Day 16 of the Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Our First Awesome Encounter with an Alaskan Glacier Thumbnail

The third day on our special boat trip to Alaska marks the beginning of four consecutive days of what my wife and I call the Natural Geographic experience aboard the Disney Wonder cruise to Alaska. […] Read more

Day 15 of the Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Exploring the Disney Wonder Thumbnail

You would think my wife and I are cruise ship experts. We love to travel and live in Miami, cruise ship capital of the world.  We’ve been to nearly every state in the nation, trekked […] Read more

Day 14 of the Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: To Alaska Aboard the Disney Wonder Thumbnail

  You’ve seen this part of the movie a million times.  A ship full of sea weary men spots a beach and as they come ashore they throw themselves atop the sand, thrilled to be […] Read more