Use Our 2010 Holiday Gift Guide to Plan Your Black Friday Purchases

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In commemoration of Black Friday here are some of the top items we’re spotlighting this holiday season as part of 2010 Holiday Gift Guide.  The English-language version of the guide is available for free download here and the Spanish version can be downloaded here.  Below are some of our picks so enjoy the deals and be safe!

Javier doll from Baby Abuelita

This new addition to the popular Latino doll family of Baby Abuelita is the first boy of the Collection and like the other dolls from the collection Javier sings five Hispanic heritage-inspired songs. (Retails for $24.99).

Sesame Street® 1-2-3 Learn with Me™ Potty Chair

The 3-in-1 Elmo Potty Chair is a multilingual, multi function seat that can be used as a potty chair, a potty seat on top of an adult toilet seat and/or a step stool to help your child reach the toilet or sink.  Elmo encourages your child to use the potty with 10 different phrases in English, Spanish and even French. (Retails for $35.95)

Imaginext® BIGFOOT The Monster

Fisher-Price’s BIGFOOT is probably the funniest, most personable toy on our holiday list.  Big Foot walks, talks, tumbles, tosses a ball, sleeps, exercises and roars via remote control. (Retails for $99).

Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter

Although pricey at $300, this is possibly the most amazing high tech toy this Christmas.  The quadricopter uses four plastic blades to fly indoors or outdoors and is fully controlled by a smartphone. (Retails for $299.99)

Sony Bloggie Touch

In the world of portable video cameras this holiday’s top pick is the elegantly redesigned Sony Bloggie Touch.  The camera comes in a 4G (Retails for $179) or 8G (Retails for $199) versions.

Nespresso Citiz Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Automatic Milk Frother
The sleek Citiz delivers unbeatable flavor with Nespresso premeasured capsules in a convenient and easy to store unit. The Aeroccino Plus milk frother quickly creates steamed or frothed milk for a variety of tasty coffee drinks. (Retails for $349.95)

George Foreman Healthy Cooking Evolve Grill

The new EVOLVE GRILL is a compact but versatile appliance that is easy to use and even more importantly reduces the amount of fat in foods for healthier cooking. (Retails for $129.99)

Red Toolbox

Red Toolbox, available only at Lowe’s, consists of woodworking kits and workbenches that let your child learn various carpentry skills like following directions and building. (Starts at retail for $14.98)

iRewardChart (iPhone app)

This is an iPhone app with an award system that help you reinforce your child’s good behavior.  With this app you give your child stars for helping “mami”, or an award certificate for good behavior at the zoo.

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