Five Must-Have Tech Gifts for the 2016 Holiday Season

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This has been an incredibly tech-rich holiday season for gift ideas – perhaps the best I’ve ever seen – so I thought I’d share five of my own must-have gadgets that I either purchased or was sent by brands to test drive and keep.

Moto Z Force Droid: Verizon gets the gold star for sending me what I consider arguably the best holiday gift basket I’ve ever received from a brand: the Moto Z Force Droid with an Insta-share Projector and a Gizmo Gadget watch.


My friends know that I’m a longtime iPhone freak so when I got this Droid – my first one in five years – I was a bit skeptical.  A week of test driving later, no more.  Today, I can honestly say I’m not only sold on the incredible quality of this particular device but I am seriously considering switching platforms altogether.

The Moto Z stands out for all of the right reasons: it has a beautiful, slim build; features the longest battery life I’ve ever seen on any phone; fully recharges in ONE HOUR; includes a MicroSD slot; reads your fingerprint; has a terrific camera with great resolution; and, last but not least, uses a Moto Mods line of modules that can attach a variety of backs to improve everything from music sound to battery life.  Verizon sent me the Insta-share Project Moto Mod, which is a top quality projector you can use for business or even pleasure to watch Netflix on the roof of your bedroom.

LG’s GizmoGadget Watch: Interactive and secure, the GizmoGadget by LG keeps you connected with your child.  The wearable watch features a bright 1.3–inch touchscreen and allows you to call up to 10 contacts and receive calls from them, which is helpful for parents like me who want to have better control as to who your child is speaking with.  The GizmoGadget also allows short text messages and even features a GPS locator that connects to your Android or iPhone.  It’s even waterproof.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum: I’ve owned a Philips Sonicare brush for seven years but if you’re like me, who at 46 has never had a cavity, then the new Sonicare FlexCare Platinum might give you reason to upgrade your toothbrush.   This toothbrush uses technology to track, monitor and coach you to better teeth cleaning and it leverages technology through an app to show you exactly what you are and aren’t doing right with your teeth cleaning habits.  The toothbrush includes three brushing modes for different cleaning intensities and also features a UV brush head sanitizer.  I’ve only begun to use the model that Philips sent me as a gift but so far, so good.   

Sony PlayStation VR Head Set: I’ll make this short and sweet.  VR is here to stay and Sony’s PlayStation VR Head Set (you’ll need to have a PS4 to use it) is just mind-blowing great.  The game system suffers from a lack of games but don’t let that stop you.  Just the shark cage experience of the starter game Worlds or the first person adventure of Batman Arkham VR will win you over.  I can’t wait to see how innovative this space is going to be even just a few months from now and Sony is helping lead the way.

Ring Wi‑Fi Enabled Video Doorbell: Even if you have a security system (or guards) to protect your home, you can never go wrong with a door bell that adds another layer of security.  The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell features wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording.  Built-in motion sensors detect any activity on your property and trigger instant mobile alerts via your iPhone or Android phone, giving you peace of mind when you’re away.  You see and speak with visitors from anywhere using your smartphone, and watch recorded footage anytime with Cloud Recording. Best of all: if your doorbell gets stolen, don’t worry – they’ll replace it. Free.

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