The Concluding Chapter of How We Finally Got Our Home Painted

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14 months later, we FINALLY painted the house.

I’m going to get in trouble for saying this but even with an abundance of resources and ideas from Sherwin-Williams  my wife made painting our house an epic mission.

More than 14 months AFTER we decided to repaint the exterior of our house and TWO MONTHS after I wrote a post describing how we had finalized our colors, my wife dramatically changed her mind.  AGAIN.

On the verge of proceeding with a light metallic green color for the exterior of our house (one which we took great pains to select and test on our walls) Angela reversed direction.  Ironically my wife selected a slightly dark yellow hue that I recommended would be better than the metallic green she originally wanted because I argued that in South Florida, land of perpetual summer green, yellow would contrast better with our grass and flowers.


Our Sherwin-Williams store recommended that before we paint our walls we fix small chips or indentations in our walls. We took the advice and evened out some parts of our walls that needed small repairs.

Given all the delays we’d been through  I thought we could fast track painting our home’s columns, doors and trim but alas, that would not be so easy either.

I urged us to paint these details in white (or off-white) because our front door, garage door, hurricane-strength window frames and columns were all white.  Not content to take my advice, Angela dragged me back to the Sherwin-Williams store and purchased several Color to Go canisters to sample different colors.  After much debate and several color tests, Angela decided that we would go with an off-white color.

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I hated to tell her I told her so, but given that we don’t repaint our home every day and that we had the ability to color test several colors for minimal cost, I let the process run its full course and my wife opted for what we both knew made the most sense.

I wish I could say Mission Accomplished but my two year old Naomi decided to take crayon and marker painting to our interior walls, so it looks like we’ll be returning to the Sherwin-Williams store before you know it.   This time I won’t worry about what color we’re choosing or when those walls will get painted.  Ultimately this process could once again take forever and my wife is going to decide the color so why suffer the wait again?  As long as we’re using Sherwin-Williams paint we’ll be just fine.

DISCLAIMER: Sherwin-Williams compensated me for this post but the opinions expressed in this story are solely mine.

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