Ronald McDonald House Charities Needs Your Spare Change – Here’s Why

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Like most people, I’ve seen the Ronald McDonald House Charities boxes a million times.  Occasionally I’ve dumped my loose change in it but more times than not, I haven’t.  Truth is that until this summer, when my wife, kids and I went up close and personal with RMHC we didn’t really know how this incredible charity impacts families.  (Read our story).

The main thing you need to know about RMHC is what we saw first hand: this organization is THE lifeline for thousands of families with desperately ill children that need to temporarily live in other cities to get the urgent hospital care they need to survive.  In the worst time of many families’ lives, RMHC is there for them with food, shelter and compassion.  That’s the main reason why PapiBlogger and its sister company the Hispanic PR Blog are proud supporters of RMHC.

The press release pasted below is about giving your change to RMHC this Sept. 9 or the next time you visit the Golden Arches.  A lot of folks think McDonald’s can do it all for this organization but the fact is that it can’t and it doesn’t.  If you would like to know more about RMHC, click on this link and again, next time you have change to give at the Golden Arches box for the RMHC, don’t hold back.  It’s a great charity you can feel proud supporting.


You know that loose change on the floor in the car? In the bottom of your purse? In a jar on your desk? Well the U.S. Treasury estimates that we have $1.5 billion in loose change sitting around our homes and cars.   This Sept. 9, Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) is asking families to donate that extra change to help keep millions of children together with their families. The Charity will celebrate its 2010 RMHC Day of Change raising awareness for RMHC Donation Boxes placed on McDonald’s counters and in drive-thrus across the country available for donating spare change to support programs which provide a bridge to quality health care and give children and families the time together to heal faster and cope better.

Last year alone through U.S. RMHC Donation Boxes, the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters donated totaled over $19 million — a goal the Charity hopes to exceed this year. In fact, if every McDonald’s customer put a penny in the Donation Box, RMHC would raise more than $94 million to support children and their families in the U.S alone. For 36 years, RMHC has been providing stability and resources to families so they can get and keep their children healthy and happy, through its core programs.

“When that coin hits the Donation Box on Sept. 9, McDonald’s customers will know that their generosity is giving a family a “home away from home” at a Ronald McDonald House®, a place to rest in a Ronald McDonald Family Room® just steps from their child’s hospital bed or providing a child with much needed dental or medical care right in their own neighborhood through a Ronald McDonald Care Mobile®,” said Jennifer Blanchard Smith, senior director of Communications and Special Programs, RMHC. “While our inaugural RMHC Day of Change is a major push to drive awareness of the RMHC Donation Boxes at participating McDonald’s restaurants, they are there every day — on the counters and in the drive-thrus — and we are grateful to the millions of customers who help to support families through our programs by donating their spare change all year long.”

Little by little, small donations add up to a lot allowing the Charity to serve more than 4 million families a year worldwide. The RMHC Day of Change presents an opportunity to teach and get children involved in giving back, and an easy, and fun way for families to donate. Information about getting involved with the RMHC Day of Change is available on the Charity’s website ( and other social media channels –Twitter, Flickr and YouTube – where visitors are encouraged to learn about this initiative.

Beyond sharing spare change, there are other ways to get involved and support this meaningful cause. Reach out to family and friends, and those key influencers and organizations in the community to get them involved in spreading the word about the RMHC Day of Change – online and offline. RSVP for this special day on the Charity’s Facebook event page, and motivate friends and followers to join as well.

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