REVIEW: Sprint’s Samsung Replenish phone

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Papiblogger holding Sprint's eco-friendly Samsung Replenish phone.


As I mentioned in a previous post, my friends at Sprint sent me their new Samsung Replenish smartphone, the first eco-friendly Samsung device powered by Android, to test out. I took this phone with me to the soccer CONCACF Copa de Oro doubleheader and have been trying it out since. The first thing I loved about the phone was the touch screen, which made it extremely easy to navigate through the various apps. I used Hootsuite and Twitter to tweet through out the game and found it very easy to type in my tweets while in a rush.  I think those who have trouble typing using  touchscreen keyboards will really love the keyboard that comes with the phone; it gives you the ability to experience touchscreen while you’re playing games, searching for apps, or browsing the internet, yet allows you to use a regular keyboard from composing messages.

The menu was easy to navigate.  I had the option of  touching the “HOME” graphic  on the main screen or pressing the phone key on the keyboard pad if I preferred.

Making it even easier for me to navigate my phone was that it arrived pre-configured with Sprint’s exclusive Lo2Yo Futbol and Green Sprint ID pack. This means I had all the tools needed to tweet during the game using the hashtag #CopaOro2011, already programmed, as well as access to live streaming of full-length tournament games, alerts for the results and schedule, access to the photo gallery and real-time sports news updates, soccer themed wallpapers, video on-demand with goals, highlights and more. Basically making this phone a soccer fan’s dream.

The size of the phone is comfortable. It is  about an inch narrower than Sprint’s HTC EVO and therefore a little bit lighter. Remember that this is an eco-friendly phone, which means 34 percent of it is made from recycled content, and 82 percent is made from recyclable content. Perhaps you imagined soy-smelling hardware that is flimsy, but as you can see from the picture above, it is a very sleek, glossy and modern-looking phone ( I was provided with a black phone, but it comes in various colors).   I liked how the phone felt in my hand and it was comfortable to use whether I was talking, texting, or spending a little too much time playing Angry Birds.

On that note, I was pleasantly surprised about the life of the battery and found it to last a good amount of time for being an android phone, with touchscreen, graphics, and tons of apps. The phone, which comes in a box composed of soy inks and constructed with 80 percent post-consumer waste material, even comes with  an optional solar-powered battery cover. I found this to be an extremely neat feature and could really come in handy especially in the Sunshine state.


Sprint’s Samsung Replenish phone is a good phone for someone who is seeking an environmentally friendly phone that looks sleek and modern, is easy to use, and comes packed with all the features you need to stay fully connected. If you’re a soccer fan, programming the phone with the Lo2Yo Futbol Sprint ID pack will literally bring the game right to your fingertips.


DISCLOSURE: PapiBlogger received the phone pictured here from Sprint but the views expressed in this post are entirely his own.


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