REVIEW: American Girl’s Josefina Doll Makes a Great Cultural Gift for Hispanic Heritage and Beyond

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Okay, let me start by saying that the last time PapiBlogger played with dolls 30 years ago he was busy blowing them up with firecrackers.  I don’t like dolls and I typically don’t do doll reviews but when American Girl approached me for Hispanic Heritage Month with a beautiful ‘Josefina‘ doll, I made an exception.  

My family first met Josefina during a visit to Las Golondrinas, a living history museum outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, during our PapiBlogger Family Road Trip. Josefina Montoya, as the doll is called, is modeled on the life of a young girl who would have lived on a rancho like Las Golondrinas in 1824 during the opening of the Santa Fe Trail.

As a history buff I was very impressed with the attention to detail with her clothing and accessories. Josefina’s New Mexican camisa and skirt, moccasin-style shoes, gold hoop earrings and long dark-brown hair with a ribbon and flower seem to be authentic to her era.  Josefina’s soft and moveable and at 18-inches is just the right size for my six-year-old daughter Elena to carry around.  My two-year old Briani calls the doll “Fina” but she’s too young to play with a doll of Josefina’s pedigree.  The doll’s actually recommended for girls ages 8 and up.

Perhaps what makes Josefina stand out even more is that she’s one of American Girl’s Historical Characters that helps tech young girls about different periods of history in a fun and relevant way. Each American Girl is featured in their very own set of six beautifully illustrated books. Our doll came with a “Meet Josefina” book that offers a glimpse into her life growing up on America’s Southwest Frontier.  The books are a great way to encourage your daughter to read, and offer lessons on choices and friendship that are just as relevant today as they were during Josefina’s days on the rancho.

For its quality workmanship, relevance to culture and educational value PapiBlogger strongly recommends that whether you’re a dad or mom you consider buying your daughter an American Girl Josefina doll.


American Girl provided PapiBlogger with the Josefina® doll. PapiBlogger routinely reviews products and services, and only features those that he believes are good.

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