Unexpected sabor

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Trident Layers has a burst of Peach and Mango.

I haven’t bought chewing gum in a long time.  My wife is more of a gum chewer so I just steel her stash whenever I need to refresh my mouth but can’t get to a tooth brush.  She buys it in large packs so there is always some around, usually spearmint.

As a kid, I had my share of bubble gum.  Back then, gum was like candy and enjoyable because of its unique flavor and ability to blow bubbles with.  I guess that nostalgic bubble gum taste is so powerful that I often see it in other products like ice cream or tooth paste.   I remember having fun times with friends trying to see who could blow the largest bubble while trying not to get it all over our faces or hair.

As an adult, chewing gum became more functional—pop a stick before a networking event or meeting.  To me all gum tasted the same.  So it was with great surprise that recently my opinion changed.  I was heading out the door to take my son to the weekly book reading session at the local library and grabbed some gun that was on the counter.  Following our routine, I buckled my son in, backed the car out of the garage, put the car in drive and started driving the 1 mile to the library.  The only difference today was that on the way, I popped in the stick of gum and suddenly experienced a burst of peach follow by a rush of mango.  The unexpected flavors reminded me of those childhood bubble gum fun days and I even started to blow bubbles.  It reminded me that life is full of unexpected sabor.  In fact, that is what being a child is all about—constant new discoveries.  The gum put a smile on my face and helped me enjoy the reading more than usual because it reminded me that I should be more childlike to help my son enjoy his everyday experiences.

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