This Air Travel Trick Will Help Your Family Fly More Stress-Free

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Our family either lives too far from us or are too busy to take care of our kids for extended periods of time so that means my wife and I do most of our busy business travel together with our toddler Briani in tow.  Along the way we’ve learned some tricks on how to travel by plane as efficiently and stress free as possible so today I want to share with you one particular family traveling trick that we’re frankly surprised is not standard practice for most.

Our family air travel advice is what I call the Leave-the-Plane-Last trick.  Simply put this means that when traveling with your kids (or alone for that matter) you should always let everyone else in the ENTIRE plane disembark first.  This runs counterintuitive to human nature because most of us want to immediately flee our plane seats but trust me that this is actually wise advice for one key reason: your luggage is not going to rush out to you.

This trick is beneficial in multiple ways.   The first perk of being last is that you will not trample or be trampled by other passengers.  The second benefit is that you always have time to go to the restroom to freshen yourself and your kids up before boarding your car or cab.  The third and final benefit is that by the time you have safely left the plane, gone to the bathroom and reached the luggage area, 95% of the time your luggage will miraculously be on or about to reach the conveyor belt.  You’ll be at the same exact place you would have been minus the hassle, the stress and long wait of rushing to get luggage that wouldn’t have been there for you anyway.

What air travel family traveling trick can you share with us?

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