The ‘Try Every Food Twice Trick’ is for Showing Kids to Give New Foods a Chance

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When I was youngster growing up I was terrible about tasting new foods.

My tendency to avoid anything that was not McDonald’s or Cuban food was so famous in my family that my maternal grandparents literally had to force feed me a doughnut when I was eight because I did like it’s smell and I wouldn’t peacefully taste it.  Of course, I ended up loving doughnuts but that’s how I was back then.

Nowadays I’m a foodie type of guy and I’ve even given deep thought to how I would get my kids to eat just about anything.  My most popular parenting trick regarding this is called the “Collecting Countries Trick,” (you can read about it here) but there’s a second trick that compliments the first one and it is just as important.

Jonathan recently tried Cajun Crocodile while Elena tasted Cajun Turtle Soup.

The Try Every Food Twice Trick is about showing your children that they need to give foods they haven’t eaten before a chance to be liked.  At least two times.

This is an important food tasting method because if you’re kids are like mine the first time they tasted many new foods they now love or like, they didn’t like it.  I tell my kids that I won’t let them dislike a food on their first brush with it because sometimes those new foods either didn’t get prepared well like they should have or they simply require a taste that needs to be acquired through re-tasting.  (For example, I love sushi but I remember that I didn’t even like it until my third and “final try” at age 21).

In its broadest sense, the Try Every Food Twice Trick is also good practice for life.  I tell my kids they sometimes need to give people or new things they have to do at least two chances because no one and nothing in this life is perfect.  I think this has been serving them well so far.

If you have a food tasting method you use with your kids, won’t you share it with us?  We’d love to post your comments and/or stories on PapiBlogger, your forum for creative parenting!

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