The Super Bribe Trick Will Help You Improve Your Kids’ Behavior

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The Super Bribe Trick helped our son land on TV for this interview with our Miami CBS affiliate.

Most parents I know have a reward system for their kids to behave or do well in school.  I have my version as well but in addition to that I have a special bribe system that today I want to share with you because it can actually help you get your kids to do positive, supernatural things IMMEDIATELY.  I call this trick the Super Bribe Trick.

Super Bribes are what I do when I want my kids to INSTANTLY behave awesome or do something super incredible.  To illustrate how this works, let me give you an example of how a Super Bribe magically worked for me recently.

A couple weeks ago, as my family and I completed the 12,000-mile PapiBlogger Family Road Trip in Miami, I thought it would be great if my 10-year-old son Jonathan directly invited local TV media to attend the reception that the Miami Lakes Chevrolet dealer put together for us (we did our epic road trip on a Chevrolet Traverse ).  Normally, I would never ask my son to do this because Jonathan is often shy about even shaking hands with strangers properly.  Even many grown, marketing professionals I know fear calling media about covering something.

What motivated me to do this was that I knew my son was capable of doing this. As part of my Super Bribe Trick I told my son that if he called 10 different reporters to come to our Chevrolet event he would get $5 regardless of his success.  If one of them came to our event, he would get $20 a pop for every journalist that came out.

My highly motivated son turned into a terrific media pitcher and on the day of our event one of the TV stations that came out, the CBS affiliate no less, was the product of Jonathan’s work.  Jonathan was thrilled to be on camera and was equally estatic that in one fell swoop he was also $25 richer.

The secret to this trick’s success is that it’s only successful if you do it for something you want them to do short term and you must make the reward obscenely rich.  (Yes, $20 is A LOT for most 10-year-olds).

The curious thing is that my son thinks he’s the one who made off like a bandit in our deal but that’s fine with me.  The bigger picture is that Jonathan not only did something that resulted very positively for our Chevy, McDonald’s and Sprint Nextel trip sponsors.  (See the actual TV story below).  In falling for the Super Bribe Trick and completing it with flying colors he unwittingly raised the bar on what we can expect he’s capable of in the future.  Parents are the big winners in the Super Bribe Trick.

What do you think about this trick?

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