The Corner Eating Trick for Cleaner Eating Kids

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My phobia for roaches helped me develop a parenting trick a couple years ago that can be very useful for those of you who have kids that are unsteady with their food or drinks in the house.  In other words, this trick is for parents whose children ALWAYS spill food or drinks.

Years before I became a parent, I observed how moms always seem to run after their kids begging them not to let foods or drinks fall on the couch or the rug or the bedroom.  In almost every case that I witnessed, those warnings seemed in vain.  Children were either not careful or they were purposefully reckless.

Five years ago, following a divorce and move into a tiny apartment that except for the kitchen was fully carpeted, it was my turn to confront the same situation that I used to observe so I developed a trick to prevent food spills.  I call this trick the Corner Eating Trick but it is also known variably as the Kitchen Floor Eating Trick.  This trick is especially useful for men because, let’s face it guys,  if you are like me, you don’t like to pick up food messes and you especially don’t like to have food or drinks stain your carpets or furniture.

The way this trick works is that if you have kids that are not already super careful about eating or drinking you create a procedure that forces them to either eat at the dining table or in a designated corner of the house that has an uncarpeted floor.  In my case, and in most of your cases, this area will usually be the kitchen area.  The trick then calls for the kids to consume their snacks and drinks on the floor with napkins and upon finishing their food have to pick up every single crumb or liquid that falls on the floor.  Children are never going to pick everything up perfectly, even when they try, but what this does is that it makes it super convenient to bring paper towels or a mop to clean everything that’s leftover.

I know some of you may think this is caveman-stuff.  My militantly clean wife does too and doesn’t EVER allow it when she’s around but when she’s not, and I’m in charge, that’s a different story.  If I’m responsible for keeping my house clean when she’s not here, I don’t want to spend all of my time parenting a mess or worse, accidentally making my home a temporary refuge for bugs.  The Corner Eating Trick, properly applied to ONLY to clumsy eating kids, works for me.  What works for you?

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