The British Teeth Trick

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Sometimes you just can’t be politically correct to teach your kids something powerfully poignant about life and hygiene.  Such a moment fell on my lap two years ago as my wife and I casually watched a BBC documentary about the epidemic of bad teeth in England.  In case you haven’t already observed this, bad teeth are so prevalent among the English that even Prince Charles – the future king! – has semi nasty-looking teeth.

Anyway, as my wife and I saw this disturbing show unfold we couldn’t help but beg our children to rush to our room so they could see it with us.   The Brits featured on the documentary had some of the grossest, tar pit dark and cracked teeth I have ever seen.  What was just as painful to watch was how the documentary traced all sorts of family, psychological, social and even health problems back to these people’s unhealthy teeth.  Equally excruciating were the scenes of the poor dentists tasked with helping these 20 and 30-something aged people recover their smiles.  In some cases, even the gums were so rotten that they couldn’t attach dentures to them.

If you can imagine how bad it was for my wife and I to see this, you can’t even begin to describe the look on Jonathan and Elena’s faces that day.  Prior to watching this show they had never in a million years believed that brushing their teeth was a top priority (what kid does?).  That instantly changed that day.

Whenever I want the kids to immediately brush their teeth all I have to do is ask them if they want to get British Teeth.  It NEVER fails.  If you know a kid (or an adult for that matter) who needs to brush their teeth more often, be sure to get your hands on this documentary.  I did a quick search on Google and believe you can find it through this link,

The British Teeth Trick is one of my hall of fame favorites and the best thing is that it’s results are guaranteed for anyone ages 3 and up 🙂

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