The Best Advice I Can Give Dads

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Being the notorious PapiBlogger, Daddy of Four, that I am,  I get asked a lot of questions about parenting. People see my happy road trip photos with my family and automatically assume that I have it all together as this great big family guy.

Well, the truth is that I’m not that put together.  Not by a mile.  The real PapiBlogger is a super driven, workaholic father who hates doing homework with the kids and often struggles to even take them out to walk around the neighborhood.

I don’t exactly suck as a dad either.  There’s a lot of things I do for and with my kids that other dads don’t do as well as I do but overall, I’m, well, just a regular, middle of the pack dad.

Earlier this week I was invited as PapiBlogger to speak about fatherhood on National Public Radio.  I was on the show with two other dads when the radio host asked each of us what was the very best fatherly advice we could ever give a new dad for Father’s Day.

Evaluating of my struggles as a dad, I thought about this question long and hard.  What would be the one thing I can say to new (or old) dads that will help them be a better father?

The best advice I can give any dad (or mom for that matter) is to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father.  If you want to know how to be a dad, no one can teach you more about how to love, encourage, educate and correct your children then the Lord.  Every day I wake up I ask the Lord to help me be a better dad than I am because frankly in this day and age it’s extra hard work.

In the 13 years since I first became a dad, the Lord has been the only true parenting compass I’ve had about how to steer my children.  To know God the Father is to become a better father.

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