Sprint Celebrates Epic Moments at the Star-studded 2010 Jorge Posada Celebrity Basebowl Tournament {sponsored post}

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Actor Adam Rodriguez of CSI Miami and Laura Posada

"CC" Sabathia and his wife Amber Sabathia with Laura Posada, a.k.a. "La Mujer 4G"

This past Sunday, Sprint joined forces with Laura Posada a.k.a. “La Mujer 4G,” to provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour into one of her family’s epic moments, the 2010 Jorge Posada Celebrity Basebowl Tournament, held at Chelsea Piers 300 New York. Laura and her husband New York Yankee catcher Jorge Posada rallied up close friends and family for an afternoon of sports, fun and a continued commitment to raising awareness of Craniosynostosis, a condition in which the bones of the skull fuse together prematurely causing a growth disturbance.

Leading celebrities like NY Yankees pitcher “CC” Sabathia; CSI Miami actor Adam Rodríguez and former Major League Baseball player Bernie Williams were on hand to share in the Posada family’s epic moment. “La Mujer 4G” documented the day’s celebration on her Samsung Epic™ 4G phone. Some of the exciting footage included one-of-a-kind video testimonials from guests about their very own special moments; real-time status and event photo updates which were shared during her live social media chat, sponsored by Sprint. For additional event highlights or to share your epic experience log onto facebook.com/lauraposada.officialsite.

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