Profile: Raul Colon Co-Founder of PapaHeroes

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Tell us about PapaHeroes and the concept behind it.

Many months ago a conversation with a good friend of mine and ex colleague in the IT Security Field, Guillermo Trillo identified the lack of information for parents regarding online privacy and IT security issues. At that moment I decided to do my research and I was not able to find many blogs that would touch upon that aspect from a parenting perspective. I reached out to my good friend Rick Lipsett to create a logo and if he was interested in collaborating with this idea. He quickly said yes and decided he was going to partner with me on this awesome experiment.

This site was mainly inspired by focusing on the risks technology can bring to children. Does this mean all stories will be related to internet safety?

We really want to provide resources from many perspectives although the main theme will be security we have Rick who is very artistic and will be providing insight on how Art can help kids and their parents to become better human beings while safeguarding them.

What personally inspired you to launch this platform?

Working for many years for various firms in the IT Security and IT Information risk Management practices I have seen how people underestimate the risks technology brings us. My inspiration is to mitigate the risks to a point where parents are less vulnerable from the ongoing threats that emerging technologies bring us.

Who is the target audience of your site?

Our target audience are pretty much parents who want to learn a bit more about technology with the purpose of safeguarding their kids.

The name is “papaheroes” Does this mean you will mostly cover stories about Dads?

We wanted a word that would be catchy, easily translate to English, and not leave anyone out including moms. Since in Spanish Papas means both we welcome collaborations from everyone even individuals who have a vocation towards protecting children.

I have been a dad for less than 6 months but I have always been well aware of protecting my nephews so I think it would bring a lot of value if we open it up to others. We already have a very committed blogger who is not a Dad but is interested in sharing his knowledge on IOS applications to help safeguard children.

Do you do any outreach to bloggers? Do you plan to work with/recruit Latino Dad bloggers, or just contributing writers?

We did receive the support of many bloggers our friend Chis Brogan spread the word, CC Chapman from digital dads did the same. Other friends and bloggers like Julio Varela, Michael Castro from Poder 5 Blog, Gustavo Franceschini Tech Blogger, Margie Clayman spread the word and/or also added papa heroes badges to their blog.

We are planning to work with individuals with diverse backgrounds we are not looking for only Latino Dad Bloggers but many of them are since those are the individuals which I have the closest relationships with.

Finally, where do you see PapaHeroes in the next three years?

We want to take it one step at a time. This is an experiment which we have some ideas but not sure how people will receive it. We really want to customize this for everyone that might be interested in reading our blog.

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