Potty Perserverance and a Cool App

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As my co-dad blogger in chief, Octavio, mentioned in his previous posts, having perseverance is a MUST in successful potty training. This holds true even if there’s regression and you experience set-backs. Regression is normal. Four million toddlers will embark on potty training each year. Hispanic moms & dads often feel pressure from friends and family to potty train their child as early as possible but don’t understand the process so they stop once setbacks occur. We shouldn’t get mad at our child. It can happen that your child reverts at a moment of stress. If at that time he cannot control his urine, he will most likely revert so he/she can advance later on.

Don’t give up! You’re not the only one. I felt relieved when I received a package from Pull-ups that included a softee potty seat, pull-ups training pants, flushable wipes, activity sheets, stickers, and party hats. I mean, talk about encouragement in a box. This also helped my daughter and I celebrate milestones, because every try deserves a little celebration. It is normal to feel discouraged, so having the support of a brand and the Latino blogging community during this process has been extremely beneficial. Speaking of beneficial things, I must say technology can help in all areas of life–even potty training! I know, it sounds nuts but you have to check out the Pull Ups Big Kid App (http://www.pull-ups.com/na/app.aspx). The Pull-Ups app actually makes taking potty breaks even easier by providing your child with games, tips, tools, and more. Plus, this app will bring your child’s favorite Disney characters to life ( Briani’s favorite movie is Monsters Inc., so this was perfect for her).

The main conclusion of my own potty chronicles and that of Octavio’s is to persevere and you will succeed. After all, when have you seen a 12 year old that doesn’t know how to use the potty by himself? Exactly, it’s rare..so keep on doing what you’re doing. You WILL get there. Download the app for extra help..and entertainment. And remember: celebrate their first, second and every time they go to the bathroom… because when you least expect it, they’ll succeed.

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