Neat freak parents, get over it: Toddlers Paint Walls!

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Briani painted our house walls for the first time on the same week she decided to do a wall mural with her poop.

I have three kids so trust me when I tell you that this makes me an expert about one thing you should know about toddlers: they ALL paint walls.

Take my two-year-old Briani, for example, who on the very same week she first ever decided to create a mural with her Crayola crayons on our dining room wall also used her artistic talent to “paint” our hallway’s wall with her poop.

If you’re married to a neat freak Latina like I am, you can imagine how hard this is on her.  My advice to her, and to you if you are one too, is to forget your perfectly painted walls for now.

If you rush to paint them, chances are strong they will get more drawings on them again soon so unless you’re toddler is older than say three, don’t bother.  And yes, forget about what people visiting your home will say.  Every parent has toddlers who have painted or still paint their walls, tables and furniture.  This is a rite of parenthood.

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