Ketchup Sipping and Other Clean Fast Food Dining Tricks

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You know the routine.  Your car is spotless or your taking family to a special, well dressed affair but your kids wont touch the fru fru food your about to eat so they beg their way to McD time for a quick run to McDonalds. As i dad i dont REALLY care how my kids look but this is a big deal to my wife, because of course, “the way your kids and husband looks directly reflects on you”

The problem with taking kids to fastfood is that inevitably it always ends in stains or spills of one kind or another per murphy’s Law, the number of stains possible actually multiplies when your kids are going

somewhere important so naturally I’ve had to create some tricks to overcome the inevitable.

The Clean Fastfood Eating Trick has three rules. 1. No triple sandwiches of any kind because burger buns were not meant for triple anything. 2. Eat the sandwich inside its wrapper. 3. Sip the ketchup.

I know everything i wrote sounded logical until the part about sipping ketchup but trust me that it works. Ketchup is the No. 1 fastfood chain stain.

What are u to do so your kids eat cleaner. Enter the ketchup sipping trick. You eat the bhrger with one hand n u sip ketchup (or mustard or mayonnaise) with the other.

Look, i know it’s weird but it works.

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