Biographies About Your Kids Can Become a Creative Tradition for Your Family

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One of my most prized treasures on earth is my old kindergarten class workbook that my late grandmother Margarita and then my late father Tony preserved for me.  That colorful workbook has all of my earliest drawings (I still can’t draw) and contains hints about the type of kid that I was at 5.  It’s the kind of stuff you especially cherish when you hit 40 like I have.

In any case, the other day my wife Angela wrote a biography about our two year old Briani for her new class at school and I instantly thought, wow, what a creative idea for parents!  I wish my grandparents who raised me would have written a biography about what I was like when I was 1, 2, 3 or so on because I would really treasure something like that! Well, it’s too late for me but not for my kids so from now on I’m going to write short biographies for all three of my kids every year after their birthday.  Briani’s second birthday came first so here’s what Angela and I wrote about her:

Briani Patricia Ruiz Age 2

I was born in Miami, Florida in August 2008 and I live in South Miami with my mom Angela and my dad Manny.  My mom is Mexican-American from Texas and my dad is Cuban-American from Miami. I have a big family but the ones I hang out with the most are my brother Jonathan who is 10 and my sister Elena who is 6.  This summer we went around the entire U.S. in a car and I learned that I’m really into traveling like my mommy and daddy.   I especially like Texas and New York. My favorite toy is a baby doll that my aunt Maggie gave me and I love to play with and bark like puppies because they are so cute.  I can be a little shy when I first meet you, but you’ll soon learn that I’m very friendly and that I like joking around a lot!

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