A Special and Creative Happy Birthday, Lianna! From Your PapiBlogger Family

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My wife’s cousin Michelle and her husband David Saucedo of Texas have a wonderful three-year-old daughter named Liana who less than a year ago was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Liana is my daughter Briani’s favorite cousin and we were very upset that on her 3rd birthday today Lianna had to be stuck in a Dallas hospital fighting several infections that are largely the result of chemo.

The Saucedos are a young family who we root for real hard so it came as no surprise to me that her talented father David, a man’s man, came up with a song to help raise funds for his family.  You can see/hear the song here:

On Saturday David sent his church and Facebook family a request to post birthday wishes for Lianna on Facebook so Michelle and he can read them to Lianna because she loves to know that people are praying and thinking about her.  My wife and I were at our church, Fellowship Church, this morning when we suddenly thought of a creative way to show Liana how much we love: we would create a short birthday song video.

As fate would have it, earlier this week we received a really cool box of ready-to-use party supplies from Target called Spritz.  Spritz came in handy as all we had to do to throw Liana a virtual party was rush to the grocery store to get her a cake.  It took about 15 takes to get the birthday song right with three children and other environmental distractions but the video shown at the top of this post is what we came up with for Liana.

As we did this for Lianna it occurred to me that this is something that ought to be repeated time and again for many other children who like Liana and her family are sometimes spending their birthdays at hospitals and at incredible family care homes such as the Ronald McDonald House. I hope our short video is an encouragement for you to use technology to show others you care.

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