The New and the Old: Day 1 of Road Trip Starts with the Future and Ends with the Past Thumbnail

This story recaps the first day of the PapiBlogger Family Road Trip that took us from Miami to Kennedy Space Center and St. Augustine.

Some Fun and photos from yesterday’s wonderful PapiBlogger Send Off with Ronald McDonald’s Thumbnail

Highlights from Saturday’s major PapiBlogger Family Road Trip send off with Ronald McDonald’s at the McDonald’s in South Miami.

The Improvise, Adapt and Overcome Trick to a 40-Day Family Road Trip Thumbnail

In preparation for that trip into a far and unknown land, the organizing pastor told us that the most important thing we should do to mentally gear up for it was to remember the unofficial motto of the United States Marines: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

Papi’s Father’s Day Legacy to Me: Love and Practical Jokes Thumbnail

When I think about my real “Papi” this Father’s Day, there are numerous legacies he’s left me but two that in particular have served me well.

Poopy Dancing Baby Becomes Next Internet Star!

This Brazilian Poopy Dancer ought to be on Dancing with the Stars!

The Corner Eating Trick for Cleaner Eating Kids

The Corner Eating Trick for Cleaner Eating Kids Thumbnail

My phobia for roaches helped me develop a parenting trick a couple years ago that can be very useful for those of you who have kids that are unsteady with their food or drinks in the house. In other words, this trick is for parents whose children ALWAYS spill food or drinks.

The Old School Games Trick

The Old School Games Trick Thumbnail

In the beginning of my “career” as a video game junkie in the late 70s there was no Playstation or Xbox.  Back then, avid arcade players like me had to settle for what are now […] Read more

PapiBlogger’s 10,000-mile Epic Family Roadtrip Set for Father’s Day Launch Thumbnail

A Miami family of five is about to embark on what might be this century’s epic U.S. family road trip. Starting on Father’s Day, founder and father of three Manny Ruiz, his wife Angela and their children Briani (1), Elena (6) and Jonathan (10) will embark on a 10,000-mile PapiBlogger Family Road Trip that will circle the four corners of the continental United States.

The Collecting Countries Trick is for Your Kids to Learn to Eat Different Foods Thumbnail

My two older kids Jonathan (10) and Elena (6) have already eaten more foods from more countries than most adults will ever try in their entire lifetime. If you didn’t know them before they first […] Read more

The Dangerous Donkey Trick

The Dangerous Donkey Trick Thumbnail

My wife, kids and I were recently at a local park’s chocolate festival when something stunning happened to my one year-old Briani.  As my son Jonathan took his little sister near a donkey that a […] Read more