Wordless Wednesday: The Barber

Wordless Wednesday: The Barber Thumbnail

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News of Baby’s Sex Produces Some Family Drama

News of Baby’s Sex Produces Some Family Drama Thumbnail

I was fairly certain that Baby No. 4 was going to be a boy. That’s what my wife’s maternal instinct told her and that’s what my paternal self wanted as we went yesterday to get […] Read more

Boy or a Girl? Today We’ll Find Out

Boy or a Girl?  Today We’ll Find Out Thumbnail

Today – moments from now really – is the big day we finally learn our baby’s sex. Between my wife Angela and daughters Elena and Briani, I have tons of estrogen in the house so […] Read more

Can someone please solve this mystery photo?  Inquiring minds want to know Thumbnail

I’ve taken lots of weird photos in my lifetime but the picture posted here today with this story eats the cake. My wife, three kids and I ran into the woman whose legs are pictured […] Read more

PapiBlogger’s Newest Adventure for 2012? A Brand New Baby! Thumbnail

When I was 11, my teenage cousin Tammy and I had a memorable conversation about the number of kids that we each planned to have.  Tammy and I didn’t have a clue about parenthood then […] Read more

Biker Santa Greetings from Miami

Biker Santa Greetings from Miami Thumbnail

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Family Snapshot: Briani Tells Santa How Good She’s Been Thumbnail

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PapiBlogger’s Five Home Depot Gift Ideas Can Help You Win $50 {Sponsored} Thumbnail

I haven’t been in Miami for Christmas in three years so this year I’m planning on take care of my house and family with several gifts that I feel are practical and good for my […] Read more

Five Additional Must-Have Holiday Items

Five Additional Must-Have Holiday Items Thumbnail

Two-weeks ago we issued our Second Annual Holiday Gift Guide which included the perfect gift ideas for moms, dads, tweens, toddlers, baby, family and more. A lot of you wrote and told us how useful […] Read more

Save the date: Holiday Gift Guide Twitter Party #2 is here! Thumbnail

Are you scrambling for those last-minute gifts or perhaps you’ve run out of steam and need a little bit of holiday inspiration?  Then come join my fellow bloggers and me at our second Holiday Gift […] Read more