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Nuestro Stories Launches Nuestro Studios with Slate of Bold Original Films, and Podcast Productions

— ‘Bistec: A Dissident’s Tale’, ‘El Clavito’, and ‘Fantastic Fails’ will be part of historic first productions of Nuestro Studios — — Nuestro Studios aims to crack the code for Latinos to overcome historic hurdles in Hollywood — — Nuestro Studios founders previously pioneered Latino social media, influencer and press release wire industries —

LOS ANGELES, CA — May 17, 2023 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — Nuestro Stories, the diverse-owned content, influencer, adtech, and production studio devoted to celebrating Latino heritage every day, today announced the launch of Nuestro Studios.

Nuestro Studios marks a bold evolution for Nuestro Stories with storytelling capabilities that now span premium branded content, original films, series, documentaries, and podcasts.

“We innovated the Latino social media and influencer marketing industries with Hispanicize, and today we will apply that same tenacity and entrepreneurship to crack the code for Latinos in Hollywood,” said Nuestro Stories Co-Founder Manny Ruiz, who will oversee the Nuestro Studios productions team.“In collaboration with like-minded filmmakers, actors, producers, and media companies, Nuestro Studios will help unleash the bottled-up dreams and great stories of countless Latino storytellers.”

Nuestro Studio’s first productions 

Nuestro Studios’ first slate of productions feature three original films, and podcasts highlighted by ‘Bistec: A Dissident’s Tale’. Written by Ruiz, the feature film and original audio series tells the quirky cat-and-mouse story of Cuba’s most prominent dissident, and the Communist neighborhood snitch who’s sworn to stop him. Six-time EMMY-winning conductor Alberto Bade will score ‘Bistec’, and Cuban filmmaker, writer, and documentarian Ernesto Fundora of ‘Cuba Suena’ is joining as associate producer, and head of photography.

Also in production is the short film ‘El Clavito’, which tells the dark tale of a young couple who make a strange compromise to buy their dream home for $1. ‘El Clavito’ was co-written by the late Mel Santiesteban and Ruiz. ‘Fantastic Fails’ is an entertaining, interview-style podcast devoted to showcasing entrepreneurs’ biggest business ideas that failed, and the lessons they learned from them.

As part of its commitment to collaborate with other Latino studios and production companies, Nuestro Studios is producing its five-part audio series for ‘Bistec’ and its serial podcast ‘Fantastic Fails’ with the award-winning team of Studio Ochenta led by Lory Martinez. The ‘Fantastic Fails’ podcast is being hosted and co-executive produced by Jesse Martinez, founder of the Latinx Startup Alliance.

As part of the company’s expansion, Nuestro Stories also promoted the multi-hyphenated producer, and senior editor, Efrain Gonzalez to partner and vice president of Nuestro Studios productions. Gonzalez’ talent can already be seen on many of Nuestro Stories’ premium snackable documentaries.

Amplifying news for Nuestro Studios content

Nuestro Studios’ approach will initially lean on commercial-friendly content that can be packaged for brand content partnerships that Nuestro Stories has cultivated. Nuestro Stories’ powerful capability in social media, adtech, influencers, and press release wire through Noticias Newswire, gives it strong leverage to solve for many of WOM and marketing-related hurdles Latino content platforms and producers typically face.

“We’re already on phase two, which is to ensure maximum amplification and views for the productions we’re creating or collaborating on,” said Gonzalez. “Aggressively solving for the distribution of content on streamers, online, and elsewhere is what we’re addressing for the marketplace and what excites us most.”

Latinos under-represented in Hollywood 

Based on the Hollywood Diversity Report 2023, the representation of people of color remained insufficient across various industry sectors in 2022, except for streaming film actors. This includes both on-screen and behind-the-scenes roles. Despite Latinos representing 19% of the total U.S. population and being enthusiastic moviegoers, their presence on the big screen remains disproportionately low. In 2022, white actors dominated 78.4% of leading roles in theatrical films, while Latinos were only given 2.3% of these opportunities. Similarly, on streaming platforms, while leads were predominantly white in 66.7% of films, Latinos were represented in only 6.1% of these roles.

About Nuestro Stories

The flagship brand of the diverse-owned Brilla Media Ventures, Nuestro Stories is the content, influencer, adtech, and production studio devoted to celebrating Latino heritage every day. Nuestro Stories produces snackable videos, stories, and social media content daily focused on Latino origins and histories, and through its Nuestro Studios also creates or co-produces branded and original films, documentaries, series and podcasts. Nuestro Stories is led by Angela Sustaita-Ruiz and Manny Ruiz, creators of Hispanicize and co-founders of the Hispanic social media marketing, and influencer industries, the Latino press release wire industry, and the first network of Hispanic print media companies online.