#Don’tLookUp Sucked and Here’s Five Reasons Why

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You’d have to live under a rock to not hear about the film everyone’s talking about this second December of the pandemic, #DontLookUp.  I recently had the misfortune to view this movie and can tell you five reasons why I think it sucks but I know it’s only going to make more of you watch this lousy, plodding film.  Before I tell you why I think it’s a waste of time, let me say that I KNOW it’s a parody and I like many of the well-executed parodies I find on SNL and many of the late-night shows.  That’s not the problem with this film but these five reasons why are:

No. 1.  This should have been a short “Funny or Die” episode at most. Instead, this is a hyperextended, poorly written, horribly acted, predictable blob of a film. All of the acting feels wooden, badly timed, and predictable 15 minutes into the film.  A cast of A-listers is totally wasted.

No. 2  The movie’s humor is continuously crude. I hate crude humor because for me PERSONALLY, this kind of humor is unsatisfying.  This movie felt like one continuous fart joke after another because it had no other way to escape its one dimensional storyline about what happens when people “Don’t Look Up”.

No. 3  Some of my Facebook friends pointed it out that there tends to be a Republican/Democratic divide on liking or hating the film. I’ll let you party people split hairs there but let me say this: While the movie does take a few soft jabs at liberals, influencers and media, the movie is definitely a direct attack at conservatives for ultimately being the ones who (replace the comet with coronavirus) die because they “Don’t Look Up.” Haha! Get it?! Conservatives are absolute idiots! and we’re the brilliant ones, says the Hollywood Establishment.

No. 4 The movie’s poor execution aside, it is at least one full year LATE in making commentary that has not already been covered ad nauseam by SNL and the late-night shows.

No. 5  Did I miss it or did I totally not see that there was even one Latino or Latina actress in this garbage film? Oh, well, good for our community.  At least we weren’t accomplices in this thrashy film.

P.S. The fully nude parade of actors in the post-credits ending only adds to my comments about the movie’s level of crudeness.

In conclusion, there is not one redeeming reason to see this film, but of course, I know what I just did will only add to its ratings.

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