A Hashtag for Latino Dads is Born: #LatinoDads

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One of the few things I sincerely love about Twitter are hashtags.  The world of Twitter has hashtags for nearly every hobby, cause and calamity in the world so today I want to announce the launch of a hashtag that will be for anyone that wants to tweet content, links, thoughts or statements that may directly appeal to Latino fathers.

The hashtag I will strongly support through PapiBlogger and my social media tribes and friends is #LatinoDads.

Here’s why I think #LatinoDads makes sense:

– Presently there is no hashtag for reaching Latino fathers/men.

– This hashtag is short, sweet and straight to the point.

– #LatinoDads will be great for Hispanic men bloggers who may not necessarily be writing about parenting every day or every week but occasionally post stories or videos that directly relate to fathers or men in general.

–  The world of Hispanic moms already has a similar, fast-growing hashtag called #LatinaMoms so creating one that is the exact counterpart to that one seems natural.

– #LatinoDads works well for English, Spanish and bilingual bloggers because it’s very simple and easy to use.

The birth of #LatinoDads is the start of a new chapter in my life as PapiBlogger as I continue to showcase and even mentor more Hispanic fathers to join the world of papi blogging.  During the next several days and months PapiBlogger will introduce you to some of these men who blog and tweet.  I’m really excited about this next stage in my life as PapiBlogger.

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