Thanks to Sprint, I’m Taking My Kids to Their First Pro Soccer Match Today

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In case you don’t know this, being PapiBlogger is a lot of work but it has plenty of benefits too.

My friends over at Sprint just reminded me of this today with what I have to say is one of the coolest, most creative mailers I’ve received yet.  As part of a program that promotes Sprint’s Samsung Replenish smartphone, the first eco-friendly Samsung device powered by Android, I will be taking my son Jonathan and my youngest daughter Briani to their very first professional soccer match here in Miami: a CONCACF Copa de Oro doubleheader featuring Guatemala vs. Jamaica and Honduras vs. Granada.

In addition to this unique phone which features Sprint’s exclusive Lo2Yo Futbol and Green Sprint ID pack and which I will use to Tweet from the game tonight, PapiBlogger also got:

– A stylish Puma Messenger Bag

– A Copa Cuba 1980’s Retro Football shirt

– A Sprint Staineless Steel rubber grip water bottle

– A mini Sprint soccer ball

I haven’t been to a professional soccer match since I last visited Honduras in 1992.  My wife hasn’t been to one since she attended the World Cup in 1994.  Can’t wait to relive the power of our Latino soccer culture – pro-style!

I'll be using the Sprint Samsung Replenish Android-powered phone to tweet and document all of tonight's soccer match action.

DISCLOSURE: PapiBlogger received all of the items pictured here from Sprint but the views expressed in this post are entirely his own.

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