These Classic Planking Moments Made Our Family Road Trip Memorable

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I was truly honored to plank for Minnie Mouse. She was dressed in Hawaiian garbs to promote the new Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

Vacations are a time for exploring, having fun and just being plain silly.  This summer we heard about a new social media phenomena called planking, or plankiando in Spanish.  It’s a really stupid, harmless thing that entails laying straight like a log with your feet and your hands straight and your face down.  There is absolutely no meaning to planking except that in our case I tried to do it with famous places and people.  Almost no one had seen this done but in a couple places like the Golden Gate Bridge and in front of the Hollywood Walk of Fame we did overhear people say, “look, they’re planking!”  Planking made our 44-day road trip so much funner!  I hope you enjoy our collection of road trip planks!

My toddler Briani joined her sister Elena and I for her first plank in front of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

I couldn't believe we were allowed to plank in front of the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.

My son Jonathan and I planked on the Meade Glacier in Alaska.

This plank is probably the funniest. Look at the faces of Batman and the tourists.

Planking is related to wood so when i got to the Petrified Forest in Arizona I couldn't help but plank on a piece of petrified wood. I call this the Petrified Plank.

Elena, Jonathan and I planked at Graceland.

This was the most painful plank of the trip because it hurt to lay down on this car. I felt like pieces of this car in Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.


The Golden Gate Bridge plank was one of the few places where someone in the crowd knew what we were doing.

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