PapiBlogger Greets NYC Fans and Visits King Tut as Part of Day 40 of Family Road Trip

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Run, don't walk, to see the King Tut exhibit. It's very well done and the artifacts are amazing.

On the 40th day of our family road trip, the PapiBlogger family met some of its New York fans at the second busiest McDonald’s in the world and went to the King Tut exhibit visiting the Big Apple.

Pictured here are four of our great PapiBlogger friends.

McD Tweet Up Gathers PapiBlogger Fans

The 42nd Street McDonald's is one of the nation's leading restaurants for the chain.

We started the day with a McD Tweet Up that was hosted by our sponsors from McDonald’s.   The Tweet Up was held at the second busiest McDonald’s in the world, the one on 42nd Street at Broadway, right next door to where we saw “Mary Poppins” last night.

This McDonald’s, owned by Lewis Foods, Inc., is the largest one in the city, has three floors, a digital menu board and even a Backstage Broadway appearance with 15 flat screen TVs.

I was delighted to see that immediately after we got there six PapiBlogger followers, including another new Latino daddy blogger called Latino Dad Blog and a group of movie aficionados who call themselves the Movie Pirates, greeted us.  (One thing you can say for New York, is that it’s never dull).

Our daddy blogger, Gustavo Delgado, is a father of three kids including a 10-, 3- and 1 year-old.  He ate lunch and had one of McDonald’s new Strawberry Smoothies with us.  We used our HTC EVO 4G phone by Sprint Nextel to interview him for some of his parenting tips.

The Movie Pirates follow PapiBlogger through Twitter and apparently are masters at getting into every single Hollywood feature film free every week through Internet web sites, hard core camping out and other tricks.  These folks are die-hard film fans who watch an average of four movies per week and are good friends with each other and with a universe of other Movie Pirates that number in the hundreds.  We used our EVO to interview them about how to catch free movies as well.


If you’re in New York in time to see the King Tut exhibition at Discovery Times Square Exhibition, be sure you go to it.  I’ve been to several exhibits about Ancient Rome and Egypt but I can tell you that this one is the best-organized ones I’ve seen.  Despite the fact King Tut will never make an appearance outside of Egypt the quality of artifacts that tour with his exhibit are amazing.

We were enjoying our time with King Tut’s stuff, including the relic where his liver was found, until midway through the exhibit when the wrat of Briani struck again.   Angela, the kids and I tried everything to try to distract or calm her down but after she saw some Egyptian artifact with doglike features she began barking “woof, woof” uncontrollably.  Security kindly asked Angela and the barking baby to step out.

The exhibit features an optional $5 3D movie about Egypt and though it’s only 20 minutes long, it’s well worth it.


The food at Lombardi's is a bit pricey but well worth it.

Lombardi’s, located in SoHo, is one of our favorite pizza restaurants in New York.  The  historic restaurant, founded in 1903, is on the pricey side for New York pizza but the food is worth the cost.


If you’re like me, you may have personal or work reasons to always have Internet connection onboard you’re vehicle.  In our case we’ve our PapiMobile is a virtual newsroom of interconnectivity because of Sprint technology with our EVO and Sony gadgets.  The main thing you need to take with you is a mobile Web service like the EVO, Sprint’s 4G Overdrive or other chips that physically force you to connect chips into the USB of your computer.  A device like the Overdrive or EVO will save you a couple hundred bucks of web service you won’t have to rent from the hotels where you may be staying at during your road trip.

DISCLOSURE NOTE: McDonald’s is a sponsor of PapiBlogger’s web site and the road trip.

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