Some Fun and photos from yesterday’s wonderful PapiBlogger Send Off with Ronald McDonald’s

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You’ve got to give it to Ronald McDonald.  The man, the myth, the red-headed king of burgers (OUCH!) knows how to party.

Last night, The Ronald himself hosted PapiBlogger for an intimate send off at the McDonald’s Restaurant located on 62nd Ave. and South Dixie Highway in South Miami.  Even though I literally grew up at McDonald’s (the subject for a future post because you really won’t believe the story), I had never before shaken Ronald’s hand, let alone been presented with a PapiBlogger-decorated cake by him.  I felt so honored that an elderly couple  that walked into the restaurant during the festivity actually wished me happy birthday 🙂

In any case, Ronald was a busy clown because my kids, nephews, sister, aunts, uncle, friends and even my 96-year-old grandmother Micaela took turns posting for photos with him, chatting and joking with him in English AND Spanish.  (He actually spoke French as well but PapiBlogger only speaks English and Spanish so I can’t tell you what he said).  When we wanted to impress Ronald, we took him outside and we showed off PapiMobile, the 2010 Chevrolet Traverse.

All in all, I have to say that I left McDonald’s more impressed than ever.  Ronald is a classy clown you too should invite to your next birthday party – or even your 10,000 family road trip, if you decide to do it.

Below are some more of my favorite photos from yesterday’s party!

Ronald proudly sends us off on the Papimobile (aka Chrevolet Traverse) in front of the McDonald's restaurant in 62nd and South Dixie Highway.

Ronald interviews PapiBlogger for details about the trip.

My sister Maggie Selva, pictured here, actually forced me to run this photo. Maggie, here's your shout out! She's a big fan of Ronald's.

Ronald is pictured here with most of my kids and most of my nieces and nephews (from left to right): Elena, Margaret, Maggie, Briani, Ronald McDonald, Marlon, Jr., Jonathan and Emmanuel. (My niece Mia is the only one that's missing).

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