Day 8 of Family Road Trip from Miami to Alaska: Doctors, Dentists and Diaper Rash

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My wife is a great sport to have let us take this unflattering photo of her getting her root canal.

A day after the biggest crisis of our family road trip experiences, we arrived in the beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, nervous and very worried for the health of Jonathan and Angela.

Urgent Care

After doing some research online and consulting with family, Angela and I decided to give an urgent care center the reins to our son Jonathan’s health.  Jonathan’s clothes looked like a mess from our overnight stay in our PapiMobile in Kansas so in order for him to be more presentable for the doctor my wife and I bought him some new, comfortable clothing.

After he got his shot, Jonathan nearly fainted so the urgent care folks gave him plenty of water and took his blood pressure before discharging him.

When Jonathan and I walk into the urgent care facility he was trembling in fear he would be either hospitalized, given injections or worse.  When I his age, I was the same so I understood what he was feeling.

The doctor examined Jonathan and diagnosed him with an acute case of Eczema.  He said that as bad as his skin looked would only need a shot of medicine in his buttocks and some antibiotics to prevent further skin swelling and itching.

In his moment of great fear of the needle, Jonathan sweetly asked me, “Daddy, will you please hold my hand,” which, of course, I did.  I also had to hold him down because he almost slapped the needle into the nurse who was trying to administer it to him.

The Dentist

My wife had her root canal procedure quick and easy with no incident.  You know you’re married to a remarkable woman when she is willing to have a picture of her taken during her dental procedure.  What’s more incredible is that she’s letting me post it here too.


A root canal later, Angela is all smiles with her dental rescue team from Colorado Springs.

If you’re wondering how she was able to get this type of procedure done so easily halfway across the country it’s because her dentist in Miami was able to tap into his network of colleagues to help her get her appointment.

Diaper Rash

After a long day of doctors and dentists we suddenly felt a sense of relief.  For the first time in several days it seemed we didn’t have any more medical emergencies.

Unfortunately, our two-year-old Briani began crying and pointing to her private area where she had a very mild looking diaper rash.

We used the cream we always used to help her but it would not stop until a friend recommended Triple Paste.  It’s expensive at $18 a jar but it worked.

Disney Vacation Tip of the Day

If you’re in a car with an infant or other child that is still using diapers, don’t forget to regularly check their diapers.  In order to avoid painful diaper rashes you need to monitor your baby’s diaper situation and be sure that the diapers your children are wearing are clean.   Check that the diapers are dry and clean whenever you periodically stop anywhere.

Where in the world is Papi?

July 13

182 miles from Kanorado, Kansas to Colorado Springs, Colorado*

States Traveled so far: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado



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