Day 44 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: At last back home in Miami!

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We walked on glaciers, hung out with bears, planked with Elvis and even got the rare opportunity to open the Magic Kingdom with Mickey Mouse but on the 44th day of our family road trip all that we could think about was getting back home.

Latina blogger Stephanie Ruiz of Midtown Chica came to welcome us, one of numerous bloggers we hung out with throughout our trip.

Six hours after departing from Madison, Florida for the final leg of our epic drive aboard the PapiMobile (a 2011 Buick Enclave), we arrived at the Miami Williamson Buick GMC dealership where our family, friends and media awaited us with hugs, welcome signs, cake and plenty of questions about the trip.

What was your favorite part of the trip?

How many miles did you drive?

Which is your favorite state?

Even though our technically concluded today there’s still many more stories to come – including some video stories that I haven’t had proper Internet access to upload – so expect to hear a lot more about this incredible journey and thanks for following PapiBlogger.

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