Day 34 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Sedona’s Wonderful Red Rocks

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Sedona, Arizona is one of our favorite places in the whole United States so on the 34th day of our family road trip we ventured to see some of the things that makes this place so special.   Here’s seven things that we think make Sedona a terrific family destination:

– The red rock canyons.  These rocks are everywhere and they especially shine “reddest” at sunrise and sunset, the best time to photograph or video tape them.

– Slide Rock Park.  This park features a large spring that has natural water chutes that propel you through the rocks.  One part of the park also features a canyon with 12 foot cliffs that you can dive into the water from.  The water is frigid but your body will get used to it.  Diving from the 12-foot cliff is scary and exhilarating at the same time.

View of Slide Rock Park, a Must See place in Sedona.

– An easy and great place to hike and bike.  The hiking paths in particular are not hard and offer beautiful walks right up to the red canyons.  This is like walking among the lower parts of the Grand Canyon.

– The ability to take one of the most majestic balloon or ATV rides in the nation.  Ok, maybe the ATVs are risky but they also have Tomcar Off-Road vehicles, which are super safe for you and the kids.

– Cowboy movies.  One quick drive through Sedona and you immediately see why this quaint, western town is the backdrop for so many western movies.

– Proximity to the Grand Canyon.  If you’re going to the Grand Canyon, Sedona is a short two hour drive away or vice versa.

– Mild temperatures.  Even in the heart of the summer, Sedona has reasonable warm temperatures.  (This is not killer heat Phoenix).

– Southwestern cuisine.  It’s great and a must have when you come to Sedona.  (This is a great place to try Rattlesnake for the first time).

Disney Road Trip Tip of the Day

The summer months are peak times for Slide Rock Park so if you’re going, try to arrive early.  In the event the parking lot gets full you will be temporarily turned away but don’t give up.  People are always going in and out of the parking lot, especially after 12 noon.

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