Day 32 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: We Plank for Hollywood

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This plank cost us $3, the typical tip cost for photos.

On the 32nd day of our family road trip we woke up in a Hollywood state of mind so the PapiBlogger clan decided to do something very Hollywood right in front of the world famous Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theater: we planked with Elvis and Batman!  A lot of people were simply stunned because they thought planking was, well, weird.  We get that a lot but that’s part of the beauty of public planking.  The more weird reactions you get, the funner it is.

We were just grateful that we were able to be with the celebrity lookalikes because until recently authorities had banned them from working the Walk of Fame. When that happened a year or so ago, it seemed like the whole place lost a lot of its charm because as much as I enjoy seeing the famous footprints and the stars of stars there’s nothing funner than just hanging out there and seeing the lookalikes interact with tourists.

Some of the people you’ll see there border on plain bizarre.   I won’t mention any characters’ names but suffice to say that you’re bound to find a superhero that’s just way to short or fat and those types of characters make for some great family photos!  Just have $3 handy for that pic.

Some of the costumed characters actually look pretty cool like this guy.

Briani refused to let Angela watch the rest of the movie "Zoo Keeper", which we saw at the Chinese Theater.


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