Day 16 of PapiBlogger Road Trip Takes Us from L.A. to San Francisco With Little to Write About

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A small glimmer of late afternoon sun but otherwise it was a rather overcast ride from L.A. to San Francisco. PapiBlogger was not very inspired.

On the 16th day of the PapiBlogger Family Road Trip we had an unspectacular day of driving due to a late start to the day, bad food at a Malibu, California restaurant you should never stop at and dreary-looking weather along chunks of the Pacific Coast Highway.


The day began late so it should not have surprised us that our lunch would not make it any better.  On our way to San Francisco through what is considered one of America’s best drives we stopped at a Malibu seafood shack called Neptune’s Net that was bustling with activity.  That’s usually a sign that good food lurks inside but in this case we were nearly nauseous at how bad nearly everything we ate was.  We were astonished to spend $130 for mediocre tasting, tiny shrimp, calamari, clam chowder and a few soft drinks.


They say that the best way to drive from L.A. to San Francisco is to take the Pacific route.  The drive is nine hours long as opposed to five but the reward is beautiful cliffs and scenic crashing oceans.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to really experience this to its fullest because we went out on a completely overcast day.  My recommendation is that if you’re making the drive to or from San Francisco to or from L.A., check the weather and avoid the scenic drive if it’s going to be overcast.


Until this part of the trip we hadn’t really experienced much nippy weather except at Disneyland.  That changed when we got off in San Francisco.  Even in the middle of July, San Francisco gets into the low ’50s and that’s exactly what met us when we got there late at night.  We’ll have much more to say about San Francisco tomorrow but suffice to say that you always need a sweater when going to Cisco.

Another note is to be careful because the streets can because if you are driving there for the first time they can be steep, curvy and oftentimes confusing.  In general you will also pay about 12% more for gas in San Francisco than you would in Los Angeles.

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