Amazing End to 46-Day Road Trip Greets PapiBlogger Family in Miami!

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Wow. On the 46th and final day of the PapiBlogger Family Road Trip, at exactly 9:09 p.m. ET we finally drove the PapiMobile (aka Chevrolet Traverse) into our home’s driveway and jumped for great joy for the wonderful surprises that today brought us.

Coming home never felt so sweet!

SAVANNAH WAS GORGEOUS BUT SWEATY We left gorgeous Savannah, our last stop in the road trip, early this morning with temperatures in the late 70s and a sweltering humidity of 95%.  The humidity in Savannah is so bad it makes Miami’s notorious humidity seem laughable.  Savannah takes the cake for worst humidity we encountered in a tie with Las Vegas, which was sweltering in the triple digits when we were there. JONATHAN PROUDLY PITCHES MEDIA

Miami Lakes Chevrolet graciously held the PapiBlogger welcome home party for us.

The Chevrolet Taverse approaches the bedlam in store for us at Miami Lakes Chevrolet.

As we drove south and finally saw the state sign for Florida, Jonathan and I agreed that he would handle some outreach to local TV and print media outlets.   Jonathan called about 10 journalists and assignment desks, five of which answered their phones and one that even got into a long call with them.


Two TV crews from CBS and a local Spanish-language TV stations were among the journalists that interviewed us.

As the PapiMobile pulled into Miami Lakes Chevrolet dealership this evening, we were greeted by family, friends and several local TV and print reporters.  They were all waiting for us with flashing cameras, funny welcome home signs and loud cheers of “Papi!  Papi!  Papi!”.  My mom, brother, 96-year-old grandmother Micaela, aunts, cousins and several friends made us feel so glad to be back home.

CBS crew interviews PapiBlogger and the kids.

Miami Lakes Chevrolet and Chevy PR firm The Axis Agency greeted us with a wonderful PapiBlogger-branded cake, appetizers and drinks. Angela and I got interviewed by reporters from and EFE.  Shortly after our arrival, when Jonathan noticed not one but two TV stations in attendance he humbly explained to us the following: “you see daddy, they came because I’m the one who called them.  I’m the one who did it daddy!” A BEST MOMENT OF OUR LIVES – AND ON TV! Later that same night, the newscast aired the story mentioning us and our sponsors McDonald’s, Sprint Nextel and Chevrolet, causing the kids and Angela to go wild.  Jonathan said it was the absolute highlight of the trip and I have to admit that I agreed with him.  Today and the many blessings we experienced with our family and the reporters who interviewed us was one of the best days of my life.

Our nieces greeted the kids.

At exactly 9:09 p.m. ET on Wednesday, August 4th we crossed the finish line of the trip in front of our home. Can you guess the total number of miles to win our Facebook ‘Guess the Total Miles Driven’ Award?

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