#Don’tLookUp Sucked and Here’s Five Reasons Why

#Don’tLookUp Sucked and Here’s Five Reasons Why Thumbnail

You’d have to live under a rock to not hear about the film everyone’s talking about this second December of the pandemic, #DontLookUp.  I recently had the misfortune to view this movie and can tell […] Read more

Feppy Bilingual Immersion Subscription Box for Kids Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with New Video Audiobook Feature Thumbnail

— FeppyBox features innovative immersive, curated bilingual storytelling for kids ages 3-6 —

— New Video Audiobook Feature Enhances Pronunciation in English and Spanish —

How to conduct a Family Garage Sale like a Pro

How to conduct a Family Garage Sale like a Pro Thumbnail

(POSTED JUNE 5, 2014) One of the best activities my family and I look forward to doing at least once a year is hosting a garage sale.  Over the course of many years we’ve had some […] Read more

A Guide to Traveling and Shooting Video with a Drone Thumbnail

This story originally appeared in Best Western’s blog, YouMustBeTrippin.com.  BY MANNY RUIZ Gradually, drones are becoming so common that just stepping outside your home’s door, it’s not unusual to find one flying overhead.  In sharp contrast […] Read more

Elena and I

The thing about being a parent is that children don’t come with instruction books and most of them are so unique that anything you learn with one you almost have to relearn with another.  As […] Read more

The One-Time Rule Trick

The One-Time Rule Trick Thumbnail

The One-Time Rule Trick is one of the most important tricks I use because it can literally be life-saving.  I’ll explain why it can be life-saving in a moment but before I do let me […] Read more

2020’s Celia Cruz-Ivy Queen Virtual Duet is a Classic Thumbnail

Click on the image or here to view the amazing video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=682869095736807 […] Read more

Photo Essay: The Eclipse of the Century and the First Day of Kindergarten Thumbnail

If you asked the world, August 21, 2017, will forever be remembered as the day we had the Eclipse of the Century.  For me, it was much more famous in another way and that’s because […] Read more

The F-Word

The F-Word Thumbnail

I hate the F-Word so much that whenever it slips out of one of my children’s mouths, one of them will immediately run to me to report that one of their siblings, ages 17, 13, 8 […] Read more

Five Must-Have Tech Gifts for the 2016 Holiday Season

This has been an incredibly tech-rich holiday season for gift ideas – perhaps the best I’ve ever seen – so I thought I’d share five of my own must-have gadgets that I either purchased or […] Read more