(English) News of Baby’s Sex Produces Some Family Drama

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This is the photo that triggered Elena to exult and Jonathan to cry.

I was fairly certain that Baby No. 4 was going to be a boy. That’s what my wife’s maternal instinct told her and that’s what my paternal self wanted as we went yesterday to get the final, determining ultrasound.

When our ultrasound technician Eileen told us that we were having a girl, I was almost in disbelief.

“What? Are you absolutely sure?”, I asked her.

“Yes, she’s got her legs wide open. You can see the three lines perfectly.”

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  • Congrats, Manny & Angela…and siblings!

  • Thanks Jewel!! XOXO

  • Melissa

    I’m embarrassed to say that this is my first eading your blog actually any blog in full…and I’ve been asked to blog in the past. Ha! I know, I said ’embarrassed’! Absolutely wonderful you guys. Praying for baby girl #3. You know, not to cause discord, but we have a friend that has the most beautiful baby girl and her name is Presley! 🙂 Let’s have some phone time soon! 🙂 Luv from TX.

  • Melissa

    Yes, I can spell READING, oops! Amateur here. 🙂 My first blog post, can you tell?

  • What a sweet post! Congratulations Manny and Angela! How wonderful for you…another little girl!

  • Congratulations Manny & Angela! Presley would make a great girl name too.

  • Naksck

    Congratulations!!!! I have been there where I wanted a girl as the third child, but instead we had another boy…three boys total :). Well I had to repent and thank the Lord for a healthy child afterall, and HE knows best! So it is all well.

  • Aileen Chong

    CONGRATS!!! Yeap, I haven;t been wrong in 6 years!!!! I am 100 % its a girl!!!!

  • Manny Ruiz

    you better be right Aileen 🙂

  • Manny Ruiz

    I totally agree and I’m not complaining one bit. The baby’s healthy and happiness comes first and we will love her through and through.

  • Congrats Manny & Angela! GIRLS ROCK! Jonathan will continue to be the awesome big brother!

  • you’re right 😉 Jonathan is getting used to have 3 sisters. I think when he sees her he will fall in love with her like he did with Briani.

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