Why Brothers Should Bother Sisters

It’s good for brothers to bother their sisters. It’s not something I brag to my son about but it’s true. This story explains why.

The Lost Jet Ski Trick

The Lost Jet Ski Trick is an efficient way to find children who have lost you at a fair or theme park. This post will tell you how it works.

The Most Dangerous Place in The World

The Most Dangerous Place in The World 缩略图

You may think the most dangerous place in the world is Afghanistan, Sudan or Darfur but from my parenting point of view I’ve got my children focused on parking lots.

Why Tricks are Better than Lessons

The challenge of getting kids to listen to us adults is really hard so to get the attention of my two older kids, Jonathan (10) and Elena (6), I’ve learned to almost never teach them something in the form of the universally dreaded “lesson” but rather in the shape of “tricks.”

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(English) Wacky PapiBlogger web site launches to showcase creative parenting tricks 缩略图

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