Photo Essay: The Eclipse of the Century and the First Day of Kindergarten

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If you asked the world, August 21, 2017 will forever be remembered as the day we had the Eclipse of the Century.  For me it was much more famous in another way and that’s because it was the first day of kindergarten for my youngest daughter Naomi.For my family, it was

For her first day, Naomi was accompanied by her sisters Briani and Elena, her mom Angela, Ana and myself.  Naomi ate a little bit of breakfast at the school cafeteria and then went to her class, where we all discovered that her sister’s longtime tutor, Ms. Campa, was her kindergarten teacher!  It was a real joy for us to learn that.

As we got ready to leave, Naomi didn’t cry or fuss.  “Am I going home on the bus?”, is all she asked.  Of course, she wasn’t going on a bus today!  Today, was the day of the famous solar eclipse so we picked up Briani, now a fourth grader, and her at the school and took them home to prepare for a lakeside boat view of the great eclipse.

Around 2:35 p.m. I went on the lake aboard our pedal boat while the girls, Angela and Ana got permission from our neighbor to borrow their canoe.  Naomi adamantly refused to get on the canoe until we forced her, almost kicking and screaming, to sit down.

The eclipse sun glasses worked better than I thought they would and by the time we looked up for the ultimate Miami view of the sun, it was 2:58 p.m.  According to news reports, it lasted for almost two hours but the temperature only went down by three degrees.

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