Can someone please solve this mystery photo? Inquiring minds want to know

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I’ve taken lots of weird photos in my lifetime but the picture posted here today with this story eats the cake. My wife, three kids and I ran into the woman whose legs are pictured here the other day at the valet for a local mall. The apparently well-heeled woman was casually standing with her husband when the PapiBlogger dude in me pulled out his iPhone and silently snapped away at what you see here.

All of us, the kids included, were ready to burst into laughter but fortunately we did not humiliate ourselves. The valet came before we could do that. After we stopped giggling, my wife, kids and I chatted about the cotton ball legs. Here’s what we thought about this mystery cotton ball wearing person:

– If she was going to have so many cotton balls attached to her legs why didn’t she just put on some pants? She was in a busy mall!

– Did you notice the gauze tape holding all the cotton balls in place? It makes her look like she’s wearing a spider web!

– What if the prank was really on us? (Maybe a hidden camera was capturing our reactions as we quietly giggled and snapped away)

– What if she looked like that because the lady had just had some sort of varicose vein treatment?

– 15 cotton balls appear in this photo but it would have been cool to do a 360-pictorial of her legs because there were cotton balls all around her legs!

Our last major thought has to do with you.

– Maybe if we post this photo on PapiBlogger somebody who’s real smart will chime in with the answer to the mystery cotton balls. Conversely, maybe somebody doesn’t know what the heck this is about either but maybe they will want to add their own commentary.

What do you say about this cotton picking mystery?

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  • Sarah M

    Maybe she just got her legs waxed at the mall and it went wrong? Very, very wrong.
    Or maybe she just donated blood at some sort of weird alternative blood bank?

    When I googled “cotton balls taped to legs” a link came up to a spider vein treatment center that said, “You will be leaving the office with MANY cotton balls taped all over your legs”. Maybe she didn’t get the memo and wore a skirt! lol.

  • Allergy testing? My arms looked like pincushions when I went to an allergy doc a coupla years ago…

  • this is hilarious stuff! Thanks for taking a stab at the cotton ball legs mystery!

  • hhmmmmmm.. pretty interesting! I would say that she should have put on some pants.. My first reaction was she’s insane! but then I thought maybe she was in some sort of treatment but if that was the case she shouldn’t be at the mall.. unless of course she was really hungry or needed to buy pants??..

  • Dorcasg

    Has to be for vein treatment!

  • it was so ridiculous that I swear it has to be a Candid Camera joke. I wouldn’t doubt it if my family and I suddenly pop up on some sort of show 🙂

  • Marisol

    I can’t stop laughing!

  • Hi I’m agree it has to be sclerotherapy, some injections for varicose veins, and of course she should wear some pants jeje

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